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Published in the Scandinavian Journal of Laboratory Animal Science an international journal of laboratory animal science Introduction W. somnifera is a member of the family Solanaceae and is also known as Ashwagandha, Indian ginseng and winter cherry. It is distributed worldwide with a wide distribution in Africa, Southern Europe and Asia, and is considered(More)
A non-experimental, descriptive study was conducted to determine the knowledge and efficiency of student midwives in the performing of episiotomy repairs. A questionnaire was administered to 50 students from the two universities and affiliated colleges in the Western Cape. Sixty percent (N = 30) of the respondents regarded themselves as efficient. However,(More)
Health education and information in pregnancy must be a priority, despite the lack of instruments to evaluate the effectiveness of the education and the fact that positive results can not be guaranteed. During research done for a Masters degree on the utilization of antenatal services by high risk primigravidae at the Tygerberg hospital, patients were(More)
A survey was done by means of a questionnaire to obtain information on the knowledge and attitudes of 297 nursing students from three training institutions in the Western Cape regarding HIV-infection and AIDS-patients. Results indicated: The average knowledge regarding AIDS scored 72.5% They generally had a positive attitude regarding the caring for(More)
A retrospective, descriptive study was conducted from March to May 1992 to investigate the incidence, factors associated with, and neonatal and maternal complications of babies born before arrival (BBA) at the Tygerberg Hospital and its peripheral clinics. This was done by means of a personal interview with 30 of the mothers within 6 hours after the birth(More)
A retrospective, non-experimental, descriptive study was undertaken to determine the trends in nursing resources in South Africa between 1989 and 1993. Results obtained from data-analysis in 1993 were compared to a similar study done by Professor Kotze in her capacity as president of the South African Council of Nursing in 1989. It is shown that there was a(More)
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