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We have used a rabbit antiserum prepared against purified rat beta2-microglobulin to immunoprecipitate molecules from lysates of radioiodinated murine thymocytes and splenocytes. All the molecules that are reactive with this serum have subunits of 44,000 and 12,000 and can be identified as H-2 and TL antigens. Thus, the anti-beta2mu serum can deplete(More)
Recent immunogenetic analysis of the region between H-2D and Tla on the 17th chromosome of the mouse has revealed the presence of previously unrecognized genes which specify cell surface antigens (1). One part of this area, the Qa-2 region, contains two such genes, one of which codes for an antigen on thymus, spleen, and lymph node, and the other which is(More)
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