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A periodically driven system with spatial asymmetry can exhibit a directed motion facilitated by thermal or quantum fluctuations. This so-called ratchet effect has fascinating ramifications in engineering and natural sciences. Graphene is nominally a symmetric system. Driven by a periodic electric field, no directed electric current should flow. However, if(More)
BACKGROUND Delays in diagnosis of tuberculosis (TB) have been associated with previous use of antibiotics, and in particular fluoroquinolones (FQ), for suspected pulmonary infections. METHODS We conducted a population-based cohort study with 2232 patients who had active TB between 1997 and 2006 (records obtained from the British Columbia Linked Health(More)
We present a study of the radiative decay J/w + -y&$ in the yK+Ii’-K+Kand yK+K-K~I<~ final states. A pseudoscalar state is observed in the $4 invariant mass spectrum at 2.22 GeV/c2 with a width of 150 MeV/c2. The product branching ratios are B(J/$ + -yX) * B(X + q!$) = (3.3 f 0.8 f 0.5) x 10e4 for the yK+K-I<+Kmode and B( J/G + yX) B(X + q%$) = (2.7 f 0.6 f(More)
The stability of the phases in equilibrium is calculated for the Si-C-N-0 system in order to analyze and predict the reactions in ceramic whisker formation and sintering of silicon nitride composites. Equilibria among Sic, SiJN4, Si2N20, SO2, Si, and the gas phase are evaluated at different carbon activities, nitrogen pressures, and temperatures. Phase(More)
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