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The purpose was to determine if heart rate (HR) and heart rate variability (HRV) responses would reflect anaerobic threshold (AT) using a discontinuous, incremental, cycle test. AT was determined by ventilatory threshold (VT). Cyclists (30.6±5.9y; 7 males, 8 females) completed a discontinuous cycle test consisting of 7 stages (6 min each with 3 min of rest(More)
Tyrosine hydroxylase activity was assayed in microdissected substantia nigra and striata from seven strains of mice (BALB, CBA, YBR, WB, IS, MOLG, and CAST). In the substantia nigra where tyrosine hydroxylase activity is thought to be proportional to dopaminergic neuron number, only CBA had a different (lower) enzyme activity compared with BALB. However in(More)
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