MI Rodríguez-García

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Respiratory dyskinesia, the respiratory manifestations of tardive dyskinesia, has been recognized recently by several investigators. The literature is reviewed, two new cases are described, and possible directions for future research are discussed. It was concluded that respiratory dyskinesia is infrequently recognized clinically; more importantly, it may(More)
Clinical case A patient with chronic, painless, bilateral loss of vision, after significant intake of interferon (IFNα) and ribavirina due to liver transplant. Ocular fundus is normal. A suspected retrobulbar optic neuropathy is confirmed by a prolongation of the latency of the patient's visual evoked potential. There being no prior record of risk factors(More)
■ Abstract The olive tree is grown in many parts of the world. Its germplasm is very broad, with 250 varieties in Spain alone. Variations in the ability of pollen to germinate have been studied in detail and show conspicuous differences between varieties. However, commercial olive pollen from cultivars whose origin is unknown is the material that is(More)
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