MG Janaki

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BACKGROUND Chondroblastomas are rare epiphyseal bone tumors. Very few cases with extra-cortical aggressive soft tissue invasion or metastasis are reported. CASE PRESENTATION We report a 28 year-old adult male who presented with a large swelling over the left shoulder region. Pre-operative imaging revealed a large tumor arising from upper end of humerus(More)
BACKGROUND Fatigue is one of the most common, ongoing symptoms reported by patients undergoing radiotherapy and has profound effects on the quality of life. AIMS This study attempts to identify the magnitude of fatigue and its implication on the quality of life during radiotherapy. METHODS AND MATERIALS A prospective study was conducted from March 2004(More)
AIMS To find out the efficacy of epidural analgesia in providing continuous pain relief for patients undergoing brachytherapy for cervical cancer. SETTINGS Teaching Hospital. DESIGN Retrospective Study. MATERIALS AND METHODS A total of 152 patients of cervical cancer received epidural analgesia during 18 to 21 hours of pelvic brachytherapy. Epidural(More)
PURPOSE In order to know the effect of variation in position of applicators to the dose received by the tumor volume, critical organs such as rectum and bladder and the correlation of variation on the clinical outcome. MATERIAL AND METHODS 36 patients with histologically proven cervical cancer, undergoing intracavitary brachytherapy (ICBT) from October(More)
Intraocular metastatic tumor is the commonest intraocular malignancy in adults, with uveal tract the commonest site. In nearly 85% of cases the choroid is the afflicted site due to its vascularity. Breast and lung are the common primaries. In breast primaries, this could be the first metastatic disease. This condition should always be kept in mind in(More)
Papillary carcinoma of choroids plexus is very rare. Only a few cases have been described in the literature, and it is most commonly found in the pediatric population. A further observation is added now. A 20-year-old lady presented with complaints of headache and vomiting from past one and half months, headache was increasing in severity and there was(More)
Thymomas are epithelial neoplasm of thymus and most common primary neoplasm of anterior and superior mediastinum affecting males and females equally. It occurs usually in the fifth to seventh decade. Approximately one-third of thymomas are invasive. Metastases to distant extrathoracic sites such as the liver, lung, lymph node, kidneys, ovary and brain occur(More)
Nasopharyngeal angiofibroma is a rare, highly vascular, benign, locally aggressive tumor, affecting boys of adolescent age. The aggressiveness and high vascularity makes surgery and even a biopsy difficult in majority of cases. Although surgery is the treatment of choice in early cases, considerable debate exists regarding the treatment of advanced disease(More)
Carcinoma of cervix is the most common cancer in developing countries. Majority of them present in locally advanced stages. A 36-year-old lady presented with bleeding and white discharge per vagina since four months, vomiting and reduced urine output since two weeks. Patient had an exophytic cervical growth. Investigation revealed elevated serum creatinine.(More)
BACKGROUND Brain metastases are a common manifestation of systemic cancer and exceed primary brain tumors in number and are a significant cause of neurologic problems. They affect 20-40% of all cancer patients. Aggressive management of brain metastases is effective in both symptom palliation and prolonging the life. Radiotherapy has a major role to play in(More)