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The distrubution of the reciprocal of von Neumann's ratio is considered under the random walk model, x(t+1) rwis;d xt + et, and it is shown how this quantity can be used to test for density dependence in animal populations. Another test is described which is robust under superimposed errors of measurement. The methods are used to analyze data on Canadian(More)
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Hamilton (1967) pointed out that Fisher’s (1930) argument predicting an equality of the sex ratio may break down when there is local competition for mates. He considered in particular a model in which the environment consists of a number of isolated patches, each of which is colonized by a number of inseminated females; the offspring breed within the patch(More)
Computational fluid dynamics was used to model the high flow forces found in the feed zone of a multichamber-bowl centrifuge and reproduce these in a small, high-speed rotating disc device. Linking the device to scale-down centrifugation, permitted good estimation of the performance of various continuous-flow centrifuges (disc stack, multichamber bowl, CARR(More)
Some lemmings have a large proportion of XY females in the population, as well as XX females and XY males. In this paper we first review the biological literature on XY females in mammals, with particular emphasis on the genetics and cytogenetics of this trait. We then consider population genetics models of the behaviour of this trait, and we show that(More)
  • M Bulmer
  • 1987
DNA sequences of 56 human genes for which information on both exons and introns was available were examined. The variance in G+C content among genes is estimated and shown to be substantial. There is a high correlation in G+C content between exons and introns within the same gene. The dinucleotide frequencies of introns are similar to those of intergenic(More)