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Inter-comparisons in the gas exchange patterns and root characteristics under both well-watered and drought conditions were done in three-years-old seedlings of three oak species (Quercus cerris L., Q. frainetto Ten., and Q. ilex L.) growing in controlled environment. Well-watered Q. cerris had greater physiological performances than other oaks, but under(More)
Possible correlations between histological aspects and prognosis of gastric cancer are discussed. The influence of classical histological morphology and the classifications of Lauren and Ming are re-examined in the light of international literature and it is concluded that the histological study of the tumours based on the type of biological growth would(More)
BACKGROUND The benefits of laparoscopic appendectomy (LA) remain controversial. This study reports a critical examination of our experience in a peripheral hospital. METHODS A total of 128 appendectomies have been performed since January 1996, of which 63 (49%) were laparoscopic. The patients included 52 (82.5%) females and 11 (17.5%) males with a mean(More)
The authors present their experience relative to 5 patients with multiple carcinomas (synchronous and metachronous) of the large bowel. They underline that full examination of the colon before operation in all patients with primary colorectal cancer is necessary, and they propose a lifelong follow-up program after resection for early detection of multiple(More)
During a 5-year period, from 1990 to 1994, 61 patients underwent prosthetic reconstruction of aorto-iliac district for aneurysmal (53 cases) or obstructive (8 cases) disease. There was no postoperative mortality; 3 cases of early perianastomotic thrombosis, 2 cases of left colon necrosis, 4 cases of femoral pseudoaneurysm and 5 cases of sexual disfunction(More)