MF Maylie-Pfenninger

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To study the dynamics of membrane components during neuritic growth, we carried out a series of pulse-chase experiments with ferritin-conjugated and unconjugated lectins on sympathetic neurons sprouting in vitro. Labeling of aldehyde-prefixed cultures with wheat-germ agglutinin or with the galactose-specific lectin of Ricinus communis is consistently dense(More)
The plasmalemmal glycoconjugates of the ectoderm surrounding the rat embryo's caudal neuropore were mapped at the ultrastructural level, using various lectin probes. These included the agglutinins of wheat germ, soybean, Ricinus communis, Lotus tetragonolobus, and Canavalia ensiformis. Each lectin produced a characteristic binding pattern. Comparison of(More)
Well-defined ferritin-conjugated lectins were used to map glycoconjugates on the surface of sprouting neurons from rat superior cervical ganglion (SCG) and spinal cord (SC). The cultured neurons were exposed to the markers and processed for electron microscopy, and the number of ferritin particles per unit area of plasmalemma was measured in three different(More)
The surface saccharide composition of collagenase-dispersed pancreatic cells from adult guinea pig and rat glands was examined by using eight lectins and their ferritin conjugates: Concanavalin A (ConA); Lens culinaris (LCL); Lotus tetragonolobus (LTL); Ricinus communis agglutinins I and II (RCA I, RCA II); Soybean agglutinin (SBA); Ulex europeus lectin(More)
Ferritin conjugates of various lectins were used to determine the densities of surface carbohydrates on nerve growth cones produced by different classes of neuron. These neurons, from superior cervical and dorsal root ganglia, spinal cord, olfactory bulb, and cerebellum of the fetal rat, were grown as explant cultures, labeled with the probes, and then(More)
Using a battery of seven lectin-ferritin conjugates as probes for cell surface glycoconjugates, we have studied the pattern of plasmalemmal differentiation of cells in the embryonic rat pancreas from day 15 in utero to the early postpartum stage. Our results indicate that differentiation of plasmalemmal glycoconjugates on acinar, endocrine, and centroacinar(More)
Acinar, centroacinar, and endocrine cells of the adult rat pancreas each exhibit distinctive cell-surface glycoconjugate patterns as detected by binding of a battery of lectin-ferritin conjugates. Acquisition of these unique glycoconjugate patterns appears to be developmentally regulated, as studies on embryonic rat pancreases at days 15, 17, and 19 of(More)
We describe here a simple, general procedure for the purification of a variety of lectins, and for the preparation of lectin-ferritin conjugates of defined molar composition and binding properties to be used as probes for cell surface saccharides. The technique uses a "universal" affinity column for lectins and their conjugates, which consists of hog(More)
We have investigated the RNA and protein expression pattern of the rat c-mos proto-oncogene during spermatogenesis. In mouse testis a 43kD c-mos protein is expressed throughout spermatogenesis, which is in agreement with one report detecting a 1.7 kb c-mos RNA in pachytene spermatocytes and in early spermatids. However, several other reports show that the(More)
Mouse spermatogenic cells were separated into four populations, pachytene spermatocytes, round spermatids, elongated spermatids, and residual bodies. Each cell population was metabolically labeled with [3H]galactose, [3H]glucosamine, or [3H]fucose. Glycopeptides were prepared from the radiolabeled glycoproteins by pronase digestion and fractionated by(More)