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Three of 37 adolescents in long-term remission from childhood acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL) developed malignant multifocal gliomas several years after completing treatment that included central nervous system (CNS) prophylaxis with radiation (RT) and intrathecal methotrexate (IT-MTX). No recurrence of the leukemia was evident when the CNS tumors were(More)
A series of 360 consecutive extracranial CSF shunts performed between June 1960 and June 1976 for infantile non tumoral hydrocephalus is reviewed. The surgical methods used, the reasons for re-operation, the time distribution of post-operative complications, the causes of death and the long term results are analysed and discussed for each of the four(More)
A surgical series of 346 children with nontumoral hydrocephalus shunted in the period January 1957 to December 1973 is presented. The etiological factors, preoperative clinical and anatomical status of the patients, their surgical career, the reasons for revision operations and causes of death, are analyzed and discussed in relation to each of the four(More)
Reported is the case of a delayed cerebral necrosis in a patient with an eosinophil pituitary adenoma who had undergone radiation therapy. Neuroradiological tests were performed in order to verify the possible existence of a lateral sellar extension of the neoplasm. The administration of ketamine before this examination, presumably caused the onset of an(More)
A surgical series of 144 infantile triventricular hydrocephalus (from nontumoral aqueductal stenosis) operated on in the period 1957-1982 is presented. The etiological factors, preoperative clinical and anatomical status of the patients are summarized. Their surgical career, the reasons, for revision operations and causes of death are analyzed in relation(More)
The authors report their experience on 36 cases of thoracic tunnel syndrome. They deal with the nosographic arrangement of neurovascular syndromes of the upper limbs. Within the framework of the casuistics 13 patients were operated: the authors present clinical and E.M. Graphic criteria on the ground of which it was decided to operate. Results appear to be(More)