METEORITE. A. B. Foreman

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This paper reviews the development of our research on the motor consequences of Mauthner cell function and related brainstem neurons. These cells activate fast-start responses such as seen in fishes escaping from predatory attacks. Our goal was to devise a neuroethological theory of fish escape that accurately reconciled the underlying neural function with(More)
This is an analysis of whether biomechanical or kinematic variables are controlled by descending reticulospinal commands to the spinal cord during escape responses (C-starts) in the goldfish. We studied how the animal contracted its trunk musculature to orient an escape trajectory. We used trunk EMG recordings as a measure of the reticulospinal output to(More)
Introduction: Dhofar 733 is a 98-g lunar meteorite collected in the Dhofar region of Oman in 2002 [1]. In the initial description [1], Dhofar 733 is described as an anorthositic granulitic breccia, one that is probably not paired with any other lunar meteorite on the basis of its unique texture and isolation from other lunar meteorites (the next closest(More)
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