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Purpose: Tenascin is an extracellular matrix glycoprotein which is expressed transiently in wound healing in human skin and animal corneas. In virro and ednbryological studies suggest that tenascin mediates cell adhesion/anti-adhesion, enhancunen~mlubltion of cell proliiation, and promotion of cell migration. At present there are no published data regarding(More)
SERUM DRAMATICALLY ENHANCES ORIENTATION AND MIGRATION OF CULTURED BOVINE CORNEALEPITHELIAL CELISINANAPPLIEDELECTRICFIELD(RF) ZHAOM’, AGIUS-FERNANDEZ A~,FORRESTERP,McCAIGC’ ‘Department of Biomedical Sciences, Marischal College, ‘Deparz%uvrt of Ophthalmology, University ofAberdeen, Aberdeen AB9 IAS, Scotkmd(X) d Wounded epithelia generate small dc electric(More)
The aim of this study was to investigate the preventative effect of Astragalus flavescens on hepatic fibrosis in rats and its mechanism of action. A total of 60 rats were randomly divided into normal control, model control, high-dose treatment and low-dose treatment groups, and a hepatic fibrosis model was established. The highand low-dose treatment groups(More)
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