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ICC are found in both the upper and lower urinary tract. They are not found in the ureter itself but are confined to the lamina propria of the renal pelvis and pelvi-calyceal junction. They do not appear to have a primary pacemaker role (this is ascribed to atypical smooth muscle cells in the same location) but rather conduct and amplify the pacemaker(More)
Three consecutive groups of 50 obstetric patients received spinal anaesthesia. The control group received no prophylactic treatment for spinal headache, the second group were treated by the epidural injection of 20-25 ml of normal saline and the third group were treated by abdominal binder. There was no statistically significant difference between the two(More)
Cardiac catheterization (CC) was done in 525 symptomatic patients. Tricuspid regurgitation (TR) was graded from right ventricular (RV) angiography (RVA) and compared with RV indicator curves (IC). Tricuspid stenosis (TS) was diagnosed from the mean diastolic gradient (MDG). Organic (O) disease was diagnosed from TS or from thickening of the tricuspid valve(More)
ABSTRACT A seven years retrospective study was performed in 45 consecutive vascular injuries in the extremities to investigate the pattern of injuries, managements and outcomes. Motor-vehicle accidents were the leading cause of injuries (80%), followed by industrial injuries (11.1%) and iatrogenic injuries (4.4%). Popliteal and brachial artery injuries were(More)
Flaccid paralysis with spinal cord compression led to discovery of Wilm's tumor with multiple subcutaneous and bone metastases in a 12 year-old child. Intraspinal seeding of Wilm's tumor by hematogenous route or direct extension is extremely rare and usually appears late in the course of therapy. Bone metastases are also rare and are frequently seen in the(More)
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