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BACKGROUND This study sought to analyze the morbidity and mortality rates after radical gastrectomy for carcinoma, since the operation has been criticized as too morbid for the benefits it may provide. STUDY DESIGN A prospective study of 474 patients who underwent radical gastrectomy was conducted. RESULTS The overall morbidity and mortality rates were(More)
BACKGROUND Diabetes is one of the major causes of end-stage renal failure in the Taiwanese population. Previous studies have shown that angiotensin-converting enzyme (ACE) inhibitor can improve glucose utilization and suppress hepatic glucose production and the renin-angiotensin system may play an important role in the initiation and progression of diabetic(More)
BACKGROUND A randomized comparison of D1 (level 1 lymphadenectomy) and D3 (levels 1, 2 and 3 lymphadenectomy) dissection was performed to evaluate morbidity and effects on survival from gastric cancer. METHODS A total of 221 patients were studied after resection for gastric cancer, 110 after D1 surgery and 111 after D3 surgery. RESULTS The morbidity(More)
Utilization of Kirschner wires for bone and joint fixation is potentially complicated by migration of the wire from the fixation site over time. However, a review of the literature disclosed few reports of this complication. We describe such a case in order to emphasize the potential danger of the migration of such metallic devices used near thoracic cavity.
BACKGROUND/AIMS Poorer survival, uncertain etiology and a possible surgically induced carcinoma prompted the question of whether the gastric remnant cancer is a special form of gastric carcinoma. A retrospective study was done to see if gastric remnant cancer is clinically different from primary gastric cancer without consideration of its etiology. (More)
Titanium alloys (Ti6Al4V), while subjected to high temperature surface treatment, experience altered nano-surface characteristics. The effects of such surface treatments are examined, including the initial adhesion force experienced by osteoblasts, the Ca/P adsorption capability, and the nano-surface properties, including the amounts of amphoteric Ti-OH(More)
BACKGROUND No nodal grouping category of gastric cancer has been universally accepted for the grading of the effectiveness of therapeutic regimens. AIMS To establish an appropriate nodal grouping as a forecaster of distant disease and test its validity as a determinant in survival. PATIENTS Five hundred and ten patients who underwent curative resections(More)
UNLABELLED Increased nitric oxide synthase mRNA expression in the renal medulla of water-deprived rats. BACKGROUND Experiments were performed to investigate whether renal nitric oxide synthase (NOS) mRNA and protein expression are responsive to the alteration of body volume. METHODS Four days of water deprivation (WD) was initiated in 16 male Wistar(More)
A detailed clinical and anatomic-pathological study of lymph node (LN) metastases from adenocarcinoma of the midstomach is lacking. To such an end, we prospectively evaluated 100 patients who underwent radical gastrectomy. A total of 3,394 LNs were removed with an average of 34 per specimen (range, 10-105). Forty-seven patients (47%) had involved LNs. The(More)
The relationship between the prognosis and age of patients with gastric cancer is controversial. To evaluate whether there is a biological characteristic specific to the age of patients, we examined the clinical characteristics of patients with gastric cancer with special reference to their age. Based on a prospective database, a retrospective study of 419(More)