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This report describes the use of the intraoperative parathyroid hormone (ioPTH) assay during parathyroidectomy in waiting list and transplanted patients. ioPTH levels were determined in 40 patients on the waiting list for kidney transplantation with secondary hyperparathyroidism who underwent subtotal parathyroidectomy and 9 transplanted patients with(More)
PURPOSE We present a modified 1-stage clitoral vaginoplasty technique for severely masculinized female pseudohermaphroditism involving an anterior sagittal transanorectal approach with the patient prone after clitoroplasty according to the Passerini-Glazel procedure. MATERIAL AND METHODS An anterior sagittal transanorectal approach with protective(More)
Partial situs inversus is not necessarily symptomatic; however, recent experience with a child affected by this condition and polysplenia led us to reconsider the approach to such cases. The collection of as much pre operative information as possible is desirable in order to delineate a correct surgical approach. In particular, the presence of(More)
Aiming to deepen the understanding of the factors involved in the genesis of groin hernia, this study is focused on identifying the histological changes within the muscle fibers of the internal inguinal ring in patients having indirect inguinal hernia. In eight patients with primary or recurrent bilateral indirect inguinal hernia who underwent a Stoppa open(More)
The use of elderly donors has been advocated to expand the organ donor pool because of increased needs and the organ shortage. The aim of this study was to analyze whether the use of elderly donors and marginal kidneys affected the outcome of renal transplantations. Herein we presented data on 126 kidney transplantations performed from January 1996 to(More)
INTRODUCTION The incidence of cancer compared for age groups is 3-4 times higher in transplant recipients than the general population. The increased risk is related to immunosuppressive therapy as well as the use of increasingly older donors and recipients. Although cardiovascular disease with a functioning transplant is the leading cause of death (47%),(More)
We report a case of anuria in a 42-year-old female kidney transplant patient that occurred secondary to extrinsic compression from a large kidney being placed extraperitoneally in a small iliac fossa. Prompt reexploration in the immediate postoperative period resulted in salvage of the graft with restoration of kidney function. The abdominal wall was(More)
This report describes the use of intraoperative parathyroid hormone (ioPTH) assay during parathyroidectomy for patients with secondary hyperparathyroidism on the waiting list for renal transplantation. The levels of ioPTH were determined among waiting list patients undergoing subtotal parathyroidectomy and tertiary hyperparathyroidism patients undergoing(More)
Exogenous insulin is, at the moment, the therapy of choice of diabetes, but does not allow tight regulation of glucose leading to long-term complications. Recently, pancreatic islet transplantation to reconstitute insulin-producing β cells, has emerged as an alternative promising therapeutic approach. Unfortunately, the number of donor islets is too low(More)
The term Diagnosis-related Group (DRG) refers to a classification system used to assess hospital services with the aim of a better management of health care costs and improving performance. The DRG system focuses on the utilization of resources, and is not concerned with the specific type of care provided to the patient. This system highlights any(More)