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Micronization of minocycline hydrochloride dissolved in ethanol and with supercritical carbon dioxide as antisolvent was successfully performed using a recently built SAS apparatus. Amorphous particles of minocycline ranging from 100 to 1000 nm (depending on the operating conditions) were obtained. The mean particle size and the particle size distribution(More)
The spatial relationship, or degree of colocalization, between two or more types of molecules in live cells is commonly detected using fluorescence microscopy. This spatial distribution can be used to estimate the interaction between fluorescently labelled molecules. These interactions are usually quantified by analysing the correlation and/or the overlap(More)
X-ray diffraction and proton NMR relaxation measurements were carried out on two liquid-crystalline organosiloxane tetrapodes with side-on mesogenic groups, exhibiting nematic and smectic- C phases, and on a monomeric analog. Packing models for the mesophases exhibited by these systems are proposed on the basis of x-ray diffraction data. As a consequence of(More)
Supercritical fluid extraction of the volatile oil of the aerial part of the winter savory was carried out in different conditions of pressure, temperature, mean particle size and CO2 flow rate and the results were compared with those obtaining by hydrodistillation with a Clevenger-type apparatus. The non-volatile components were extracted by SFE at higher(More)
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