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Whole-lake additions of dissolved inorganic 13C were used to measure allochthony (the terrestrial contribution of organic carbon to aquatic consumers) in two unproductive lakes (Paul and Peter Lakes in 2001), a nutrient-enriched lake (Peter Lake in 2002), and a dystrophic lake (Tuesday Lake in 2002). Three kinds of dynamic models were used to estimate(More)
The behavior of southern bean mosaic virus (SBMV) virions in urea was markedly pH dependent and revealed several novel features. In the absence of urea (5 degrees , 1 hr) SBMV was stable as a 115 S entity between pH 2.5 and 9.5, yielded a slowly sedimenting (ca 60-65 S) entity at pH 10.5, and was degraded into a 35-40 S product at pH 11.0. In 4.0 M urea,(More)
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