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We performed positional cloning of genes carried on yeast artificial chromosomes that span a human translocation breakpoint associated with a human disease and isolated by chance human and bovine genes with strong homology to the S. cerevisiae genes, SNF2/SWI2 and STH1, and the D. melanogaster gene brahma. We report here sequence analysis, expression data,(More)
The ligand-dependent nuclear receptor peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor-gamma (PPARgamma) regulates the differentiation of several tissues and cell types. PPARgamma was recently determined to be essential for murine placental development and differentiation. We therefore assessed the influence of PPARgamma on differentiation of human placental(More)
The ligand-dependent nuclear receptor PPAR␥ plays an important role in murine and human trophoblast differentiation. Oxidized lipids, which are implicated in the pathophys-iology of placental dysfunction, have recently been identified as ligands for PPAR␥. We therefore hypothesized that oxidized lipids activate PPAR␥ in human trophoblasts and influence(More)
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