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The expression of PCNA was proved in some organs of human fetuses aged from 10 to 25 weeks of the intrauterine development. The distinct expression of PCNA was demonstrated in the nuclei of the myoblasts of the ventricles and atria of the fetal heart. The high expression of PCNA was found in the nuclei of the epithelial cells of the fetal bronchial tree,(More)
Activities of the following enzymes were assessed in cryostat sections of human embryonic and fetal placentae aged 7 to 22 weeks of the intrauterine life using the standard methods recommended by Lojda et al. (1978): alkaline phosphatase (AIP), and acid phosphatase (AcP), non-specific esterase (ANE), ATP-cleaving enzymes (ATP-ase), beta-glucuronidase,(More)
In the developing pancreas of human embryos and fetusses (in weeks 4 to 20 of the intrauterine life) activities of aminopeptidase A (APA) and M (APM), dipeptidyl peptidase IV (DPP IV), and gamma-glutamyl transferase (GGT) were studied in cryostat sections using methods as recommended by Lojda (J. Histochem. Cytochem. 29, 481 (1981)). In the youngest embryos(More)
Rat diaphragm muscle has been used almost exclusively for the investigation in vitro of skeletal muscle metabolism. However, the diaphragm is a specialized muscle adapted to constant activity and, with respect to oxygen consumption (1) and oxidative metabolism, seems to occupy an intermediate position between constantly active heart muscle and(More)
The metabolism of fatty acids involves the production of acetyl coenzyme A and its condensation with oxalacetate for complete oxidation in the citric acid cycle. The availability of oxalacetate can determine the extent of metabolism via the Krebs cycle (1). In the presence of a low level of oxalacetate in the liver, fatty acid metabolism should produce an(More)
The histochemical distribution of gamma-glutamyltranspeptidase (GGT) in organs of human embryos and fetuses was studied. In youngest embryos (4-7 weeks), a high GGT activity in the epithelium of the proximal part of embryonic intestine was recorded. Maximum of the activity was localised on membranes of luminal surface of primitive epithelium. High GGT(More)