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Recognizing the need for better collaboration, nursing personnel from two nonrelated health care facilities, acute care and rehabilitation hospitals, came together to establish a methodology to improve outcomes for patients with spinal cord injury (SCI). Focus areas were to facilitate communication and transition between hospitals. A collaborative practice(More)
We provided fenbendazole to captive (N q 77) and free-ranging (3 study areas) white-tailed deer (Odocoileus virginianus) in Louisiana to determine effects on gastrointestinal nematode burdens. Fenbendazole reduced gastrointestinal nematode burdens of captive and free-ranging white-tailed deer. Mean eggs per gram of feces from captive deer decreased P<O.Ol(More)
In 1990 an outbreak of ataxia occurred in over 700 pigs in the north of England. Epidemiological studies demonstrated that the disorder was associated with the consumption of feed from a particular supplier and that one component (wheat screenings) was common to the batch of feed with which the ataxia was associated. An analysis of the feed demonstrated the(More)
The development and application of a pharmacy department audit of its unit dose drug distribution system is described. Criteria used in the program were based on broad drug distribution criteria developed by the Minnesota Society of Hospital Pharmacists' PSRO Liaison Committee, with subcriteria developed by the staff of the hospital pharmacy department.(More)
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