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STUDY DESIGN The correlations between objective biomechanical indicators of function and self-assessment scores were examined retrospectively for 91 subjects with nonacute low back pain. OBJECTIVES To examine the correlation between self-assessment, trunk range of motion (ROM), velocity, and complex mechanical coordination patterns of the spine in(More)
An understanding of hydrological processes is vital for the sustainable management of groundwater resources , especially in areas where an aquifer interacts with surface water systems or where aquifer interconnectivity occurs. This is particularly important in areas that are subjected to frequent drought/flood cycles, such as the Cress-brook Creek catchment(More)
The impact of landuse on stream salinity is currently difficult to separate from the effect of climate, as the decadal scale climatic cycles in groundwater and stream hydrology have similar wavelengths to the landuse pattern. These hydrological cycles determine the stream salinity through accumulation or release of salt in the landscape. Widespread patterns(More)
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