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We investigate the effects of interpixel cross talk and detector noise on the areal storage density of holographic data storage. A numerical simulation is used to obtain the bit-error rate (BER) as a function of hologram aperture, pixel fill factors, and additive Gaussian intensity noise. We consider the effect of interpixel cross talk at an output pixel(More)
We study the interpixel cross talk introduced to digital holographic data storage by use of a multilevel phase mask at the data-input plane. We evaluate numerically the intensity distribution at the output detector for Fourier plane hologram storage in a limited-aperture storage medium. Only the effect at an output pixel of interpixel cross talk from the(More)
We measure the M/# and the bit-error rate of a digital holographic storage system with a 4f optical arrangement for three configurations: recording at the Fourier plane with and without a phase mask and recording outside the Fourier plane without a phase mask. Unexpectedly, no significant change in the dynamic range was observed when a phase mask was used(More)
We present a statistical analysis of avalanches of granular materials that partially fill a slowly rotated horizontal drum. For large sized noncohesive grains the classical coherent oscillation is reproduced, consisting of a quasi-periodic succession of regularly sized avalanches. As the powder cohesiveness is increased by decreasing the particle size, we(More)
In this work, laser action in RPE Nd<sup>3+</sup>:LiNbO<sub>3</sub> is modelled by using the overlapping integrals method. Different pumping schemes, TE or TM, have been considered in order to reproduce the experimental measurements. Calculated results indicate that the slope efficiency remains basically independent on the pumping scheme while the threshold(More)
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