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A network simulation model of herringbone and parallel milking parlors was built. Parlor performance was predicted based on the number of cows milked per hour and the amount of milk harvested per shift. Modeled parlors operated using a task-oriented milking routine. The simulation also modeled milking personnel, milking system vacuum pressure and pulsation(More)
The accuracy of seven DMI prediction equations based only on animal factors was evaluated with 11 independent data files. Mean square prediction error was used to compare equation accuracy, which was considered to be unsatisfactory when the square root of the mean square prediction error was greater than +/-20% of the observed mean DMI. Robust intake(More)
A method of simulating individual cow milk yield per milking as a function of herd milk yield and month was formulated for milking parlor simulation models. Milk yield per milking was modeled for each month in three herd milk yield categories: 8165, 8845, and 9525 kg/yr of milk per cow. Actual individual cow DHIA test day milk weight data for three Florida(More)
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