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This paper reports on RF sources that have been virtually prototyped with the Improved Concurrent Electromagnetic Particle-in-Cell (ICEPIC) code. ICEPIC simulates from first principles (Maxwell’s equations and Lorenz’s force law) the electrodynamics and charged particle dynamics of the RF-producing part of the system. Our simulations focus(More)
1. Improving patient-provider interactions mandates an understanding on the part of health care providers of patients' situations, thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. 2. The cognitive model, a cornerstone of cognitive therapy, provides a framework to understand the patient's perspective of his or her situation or illness, which is a necessary component of(More)
  • M Lambrecht
  • 1988
Endocrinology is an independent discipline based on biochemistry and pathochemistry, but we cannot know any endocrine disease entity without making pathomorphological research. In these days professional pathologists cannot define any new endocrine disease entity by the means of the macroscopical examination, but they may contribute to the(More)