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The peopling of Europe is a complex process. One of the most dramatic demographic events, the Neolithic agricultural revolution, took place in the Near East roughly 10000 years ago and then spread through the European continent. Nevertheless, the nature of this process (either cultural or demographic) is still a matter of debate among scientists. We have(More)
During the last years, consumption of health supplements has increased in our society. They are recommended as an additional source of minerals, vitamins, omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, in the diet. A lot of these supplements contain oils among their components (fish oils or vegetable oils), especially those recommended for their omega-3 content. Due to(More)
Fish oils are one of the main sources of ω-3 fatty acids in animal and human diet. However, they can contain high concentrations of persistent organic pollutants due to their lipophilic properties. The aim of this study is the reduction of persistent organic pollutants in fish oil using silicon-based and carbon-based solid adsorbents. A wide screening study(More)
Rufous bush robin, Cercotrichas galactotes, nests were experimentally parasitized in order to test which sex is responsible for egg ejection. We tested nests belonging to the same individuals (male, female or pair) in 2 consecutive years. Whether the eggs were rejected did not depend on environmental variables such as laying date and clutch size, and did(More)
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