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The poor prognosis of Ewing's sarcoma (EWS), together with its high lethal recurrence rate and the side‑effects of current treatments, call for novel targeted therapies with greater curative effectiveness and substantially reduced side‑effects. The oncogenic chimeric protein EWS/FLI1 is the key malignancy driver in most EWSs, regulating numerous target(More)
Despite increased use of early detection methods and more aggressive treatment strategies, the worldwide incidence of colorectal cancer is still on the rise. Consequently, it remains urgent to identify novel agents with enhanced efficacy in prevention and/or therapeutic protocols. Our studies focused on the use of Plumbagin, a natural phytochemical that(More)
The Cyanophages are the phages infecting cyanobacteria. They are potential agents for the horizontal gene transfer. The complete genome of 10 known Cyanophages deciphered the presence of various gene sequences for hypothetical proteins whose functions are not yet understood. Our attempt is to predict the structure and function of these hypothetical proteins(More)
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