MA. Korhonen

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Five Finnish Ayrshire cows were used in a 4 x 4 Latin square experiment designed to study the effects of graded doses of postruminal His infusion on milk production, arterial concentrations, and mammary uptakes of plasma amino acids (AA) as well as utilization of added His. Grass silage (16.9% CP) was given ad libitum with 8 kg of cereal-based concentrate(More)
Five Finnish ruminally cannulated Ayrshire cows were used in a 5 x 5 Latin square trial with 14-d periods to determine whether branched-chain amino acids (AA) are the second- or colimiting AA for milk protein synthesis on grass silage-cereal based diet. Mammary metabolism of AA as well as AA supply from the basal diet were also studied. Grass silage (17.5%(More)
Four ruminally cannulated dairy cows were used to examine the effect of diet on the AA composition of rumen bacteria and protozoa, and the flow of microbial and nonmicrobial AA entering the omasal canal. Cows were offered grass-red clover silage alone, or that supplemented with 5.1 kg DM of barley, 1.9 kg DM of rapeseed meal, or 5.1 kg DM of barley and 1.9(More)
The adhesion of Cr on glass substrates is of great interest for glass-silicon circuit applications. Because of the nature of deposition process and differences in thermal expansion coefficients, very large residual stresses can arise which may lead to debonding of the Cr film. In this paper, effects of deposition type, glass type, thermal anneal, and film(More)
This study conducted according to a 4 x 4 Latin square with 28 d periods and four ruminally cannulated Finnish Ayrshire cows investigated the effect of protein supplements differing in amino acid (AA) profile and rumen undegradable protein content on postruminal AA supply and milk production. Mammary metabolism of plasma AA and other nutrients were also(More)
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