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Diffusion bonded cross-flow compact heat exchangers: Theoretical predictions and experiments
Abstract In this study, a one-dimensional steady state thermal model for a cross-flow diffusion bonded compact heat exchanger was developed. The theoretical results were compared against dataExpand
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Development of diffusion welded compact heat exchanger technology
Abstract Compact heat exchangers are heat transfer equipment employed in applications where weight and volume are significantly relevant constraints, such as vehicles (automotive, maritime, avionicsExpand
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Soldagem por Difusão de Aços Inoxidáveis para Fabricação de Trocadores de Calor Compactos
A uniao de materiais diferentes ou componentes com geometrias complexas muitas vezes requer processos de unioes especiais, como por exemplo, uma fonte de energia de alta densidade como laser ou feixeExpand
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Nusselt number correlation for compact heat exchangers in transition regimes
Abstract A compact heat exchanger is characterized by high heat transfer rates in small volumes. Basically it can be considered as a solid metal block where hot and cold fluid streams flow throughExpand
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Estudo dos Parâmetros de União por Difusão do Aço Inoxidável AISI 316L
Diffusion bonding process is a solid state joining technique capable of joining two flat metal surfaces by diffusion of atoms in the contact interface, without the use of addition metal. This processExpand
Thermal and hydrodynamic analysis of a cross-flow compact heat exchanger
Abstract Compact heat exchangers are used in the industry to perform the heat transfer between two fluids at different temperatures. Characterized by high heat transfer area and rate per unit volume,Expand
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