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The Composition of Sea-Water
COULD any reader of NATURE who may have given attention to the subject offer some explanation of the fact that the water of the sea contains such a very large excess of sodium salts relatively toExpand
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A Course of Pure Mathematics
THE title of this book is rather a misnomer. As a matter of fact, the most interesting part of it is in the, last two chapters, which contain an excellent discussion of the logarithmic andExpand
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Journal of Research of the National Bureau of Standards
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  • 1947
WITH the July issue, which began the thirty-seventh semi-annual volume, the Journal of Research of the National Bureau of Standards, a monthly periodical published by the U.S. Department of CommerceExpand
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The Modern Geometry of the Triangle
THE principal novelties in this tract are the chapters on the orthopole (with some original propositions by the author) and on orthogonal projection (mostly after Prof. Neuberg). A pretty theorem inExpand
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Histoire des Mathématiques dans l'Antiquité et le Moyen Age
THIS translation of Prof. Zeuthen's well-known and deservedly popular work has been revised by the author, and several interesting notes have been added by M. Paul Tannery. The greater part of theExpand
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The Theory of Measurements
THE author has prepared this treatise on the theory of measurements to meet the needs of students in engineering and advanced physics, arid to impress on them the importance of realising theExpand
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Essays on the Theory of Numbers I Continuity and Irrational Numbers II The Nature and Meaning of Numbers
IN the first of these tracts Prof. Dedekind gives a theory of irrational numbers and of the arithmetical continuum which is logically perfect, and in form, perhaps, more simple and direct than anyExpand
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Paul Gordan
THE death of Paul Gordan, which occurred on December 21, has removed a mathematician of pre-eminent rank in his own particular field. When the calculus of invariants and co-variants was started itExpand
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A Course of Plane Geometry for Advanced Students
THE first part of this work, on the straight line and circle, has already been reviewed. The present volume, which treats of conies, shows the same merit? of clearness, conciseness, and goodExpand
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