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Communication Practices and Political Engagement with Climate Change: A Research Agenda
ABSTRACT In this article, we call for a refocusing of research on citizens’ political engagement with climate change. In doing so, we argue that communication practices not only help create the
What does it Mean to Make a ‘Joint’ Decision? Unpacking Intra-household Decision Making in Agriculture: Implications for Policy and Practice
Abstract Strategies to empower women in development contexts frequently address their authority to take decisions within their household, including decisions that are taken jointly by couples.
Schools as Tactical Targets in Conflict: What the Case of Nepal Can Teach Us
That school grounds, students, and staff can become tactical targets for parties in conflict is widely accepted as a fact by analysts of education and conflict. However, our understanding of the
Does local ownership bring about effectiveness? The case of a transnational advocacy network
Abstract In international development, shared ownership is assumed to be a condition for effectiveness. Academic studies question this relation, claiming shared ownership can instead lead to
Citizens as Sense-Makers: Towards a Deeper Appreciation of Citizens’ Understandings of Democratic Politics
An important literature has emerged that seeks to explain political disaffection and the resulting problem of disengagement by looking into citizens’ understandings of democratic politics and
Twinning “Practices of Change” With “Theory of Change”
This article proposes putting “practices of change” at the center by emphasizing human interactions, using the analytical lenses of strategies as practice and recursiveness, which provides room for emergent outcomes and implies a different use of ToC.
Changing Planning by Changing Practice: How Water Managers Innovate Through Action
ABSTRACT In this study, we show how water managers who were not in strategic decision-making positions strategized in order to innovate water management practice. They undertook actions in order to