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[Prevalence of burnout among anesthesiologists at Hospital Universitario Virgen Macarena de Sevilla].
Burnout, characterized by emotional exhaustion, depersonalization, and lowered sense of professional accomplishment, is a consequence of chronic stress. Few studies have been published on burnout inExpand
[Obstetric analgesia for a patient with a history of 3 previous operations on the spine].
A history of spinal surgery is not currently considered a contraindication for regional obstetric analgesia. However, there are highly complex cases in which choosing the best analgesic techniqueExpand
[Lazarus phenomenon: spontaneous resuscitation].
A 94-year-old woman undergoing surgery for simple repair of a duodenal perforation experienced a sudden massive hemorrhage (1500 mL) when the duodenum was separated from adjacent structures.Expand
[An open study evaluating the efficacy and security of magnesium and vitamin B(6) as a treatment of Tourette syndrome in children].
BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVE We intended to ascertain the effectiveness and safety of oral solutions of magnesium and vitamin B(6) in alleviating the symptoms emerged during clinical exacerbations inExpand
[Arrhythmias in the pulmonary exeresis postoperative period].
OBJECTIVES To determine the frequency of episodes of cardiac arrhythmia during the period following elective exeresis of the pulmonary parenchyma (pneumonectomies, double and single lobectomies), andExpand
[A case of atypical ventricular arrythmia: "torsade de pointes" (author's transl)].
[Severe perioperative thrombocytosis in a patient undergoing lung resection].
Severe thrombocytosis (platelet count > 1,000,000 microL(-1)) is a rare, usually reactive, process and few perioperative cases have been reported. We describe the management of a patient whoExpand