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Are chromosome aberrations in circulating lymphocytes predictive of future cancer onset in humans? Preliminary results of an Italian cohort study.
To investigate the existence of an association between the frequency of chromosome aberrations (CA) in non-target tissues and cancer risk, a historical cohort study was carried out in a group of 1455Expand
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Cytogenetic biomonitoring of an Italian population exposed to pesticides: chromosome aberration and sister-chromatid exchange analysis in peripheral blood lymphocytes.
Chromosome aberrations (CA) and sister-chromatid exchanges (SCE) were measured in lymphocytes of (A) 32 healthy individuals working in the flower industry and exposed to pesticides, (B) 32Expand
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Age-related increase of baseline frequencies of sister chromatid exchanges, chromosome aberrations, and micronuclei in human lymphocytes.
Intra- and interindividual variations of baseline frequencies of cytogenetic end points in lymphocytes of human populations have been reported by various authors. Personal characteristics seem toExpand
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Micronucleus frequencies in exfoliated buccal cells in normal mucosa, precancerous lesions and squamous cell carcinoma.
OBJECTIVE To assess the value of micronuclei in the characterization of precancerous lesions of the oral cavity with reference to their likelihood of progressing to malignant lesions. STUDY DESIGNExpand
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Influence of sex on cytogenetic end points: evidence from a large human sample and review of the literature.
The planning and evaluation of human cytogenetic studies should contemplate various confounders and effect modifiers, among these, sex and sex-related factors. The association between this variableExpand
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Alkaline DNA fragmentation, DNA disentanglement evaluated viscosimetrically and sister chromatid exchanges, after treatment in vivo with nitrofurantoin.
Nitrofurantoin was not positive as a carcinogen in long term assays. In vitro it was positive in some short term tests and negative in others. We have examined Nitrofurantoin for its capability ofExpand
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Direct Interaction with Cellular Targets as the Mechanism for Chromium Carcinogenesis 1
The carcinogenic activity of chromium appears to be due to its direct interaction with cellular targets and not to nonspecific solid-state carcinogenesis. Chromium was evaluated at 2 valences, Cr+3Expand
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Staining of micronuclei in squamous epithelial cells of human oral mucosa.
OBJECTIVE To evaluate the influence of methodologic variables, staining method and sampling, on the frequency of micronuclei scored in squamous epithelial cells of oral mucosa. Micronuclei were usedExpand
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The induction of numerical chromosome aberrations in human lymphocyte cultures and V79 Chinese hamster cells by diethyl sulfate.
Human lymphocyte cultures were treated with increasing concentrations of diethyl sulfate (DES) at different times after stimulation with phytohemagglutinin (0, 24 and 45 h) and were scored forExpand
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Aflatoxin exposure and cytogenetic alterations in individuals from the Gambia, West Africa.
Aflatoxin-albumin adducts in peripheral blood provide a measure of exposure to aflatoxin over the previous 2-3 months. In the present study, the levels of these adducts were determined in a group ofExpand
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