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Measuring experiential avoidance: A preliminary test of a working model
The present study describes the development of a short, general measure of experiential avoidance, based on a specific theoretical approach to this process. A theoretically driven iterative
Robust dimensions of anxiety sensitivity: development and initial validation of the Anxiety Sensitivity Index-3.
The authors developed an 18-item measure, the ASI-3, which assesses the 3 factors best replicated in previous research: Physical, Cognitive, and Social Concerns and displayed generally good performance on other indices of reliability and validity, along with evidence of improved psychometric properties over the original ASI.
Distress tolerance and psychopathological symptoms and disorders: a review of the empirical literature among adults.
A comprehensive review of past and contemporary theory and research on distress tolerance is provided and key areas for future empirical study of this construct are proposed.
Tobacco use and cessation in psychiatric disorders: National Institute of Mental Health report.
Greater collaboration between mental health researchers and nicotine and tobacco researchers is needed to better understand and develop new treatments for cooccurring nicotine dependence and mental illness.
The cardiac anxiety questionnaire: development and preliminary validity.
Reliability and Validity of the Youth Version of the Balloon Analogue Risk Task (BART–Y) in the Assessment of Risk-Taking Behavior Among Inner-City Adolescents
This study examined the reliability and validity of the youth version of the Balloon Analogue Risk Task (BART–Y) for assessing adolescent risk behaviors among a sample of 98 inner-city African