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Antioxidant and antitumoural activities of some Phaeophyta from Brittany coasts.
In this study, the antioxidant activity exhibited by crude extracts from 10 Phaeophyta species from Brittany coasts was assessed by three methods (DPPH, reducing activity and b-carotene–linoleic acidExpand
Antioxidant activities in tropical marine macroalgae from the Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico
Results suggest that some macroalgae from the Yucatan peninsula have a great antioxidant potential which could be considered for future applications in medicine, food production or cosmetic industry. Expand
Multi-site evaluation of IKONOS data for classification of tropical coral reef environments
Ten IKONOS images of different coral reef sites distributed around the world were processed to assess the potential of 4-m resolution multispectral data for coral reef habitat mapping. Complexity ofExpand
Alginate, mannitol, phenolic compounds and biological activities of two range-extending brown algae, Sargassum mangarevense and Turbinaria ornata (Phaeophyta: Fucales), from Tahiti (French Polynesia)
These two range-extending brown algae from Tahitian coral reefs, Sargassum mangarevense and Turbinaria ornata, are of key interest in numerous industrial areas and high antioxidant activity and activity against Staphylococcus aureus were also detected in extracts. Expand
Caulerpa consumption, nutritional value and farming in the Indo-Pacific region
An overview of the traditional consumption and nutritional values of Caulerpa in the Indo-Pacific region and the different farming methods used for CaulERpa culture is presented. Expand
Chemical Composition of Attached and Drift Specimens of Sargassum mangarevense and Turbinaria ornata (Phaeophyta: Fucales) from Tahiti, French Polynesia
Abstract The proximate composition, mineral and trace metal contents were determined for three different algal raw materials: attached Sargassum mangarevense, Turbinaria ornata and drift algaeExpand
Patterns and drivers of species diversity in the Indo-Pacific red seaweed Portieria
The results suggest that the long geological history of the IMA played an important role in shaping Portieria diversity, which is consistent with the biodiversity feedback model, and corroborate previous findings for invertebrates and fish that there is no single unifying model explaining the biological diversity within the I MA. Expand
Internal bioerosion of Acropora formosa in Reunion (Indian Ocean): microborer and macroborer activities
The aim of this study was to estimate the intensity of internal bioerosion by both microflora and fauna of Acropora, a branching scleractinian, on the reef flat at La Saline (Reunion, Indian Ocean). Expand
Length-Weight Relationship, Condition and Relative Condition Factor of Four Mugilid Species (Family mugildae) from the Karachi Coast of Pakistan
Length-weight relationship, condition, and relative condition factor of four mugilid species from the Karachi coast were determined and it was observed that Liza melinoptera and Valamugil speigleri were showing negative allometric pattern of growth. Expand
Mahorones, highly brominated cyclopentenones from the red alga Asparagopsis taxiformis.
Phytochemical investigations performed on A. taxiformis gametophyte stages from the Indian Ocean revealed two new highly brominated cyclopentenones named mahorone and 5-bromomahorone, the first examples of natural 2,3-dibromocyclopenone derivatives. Expand