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Understanding age differences in PDA acceptance and performance
The present study addresses two basic determinants of technology utilization: the attitude towards a certain technology and the performance when using it. Expand
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The influence of user expertise and phone complexity on performance, ease of use and learnability of different mobile phones
  • M. Ziefle
  • Engineering, Computer Science
  • Behav. Inf. Technol.
  • 1 January 2002
The study focuses on usability, ease of use and learnability of three different mobile phones (Nokia 3210, Siemens C35i, Motorola P7389). Expand
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Effects of Display Resolution on Visual Performance
  • M. Ziefle
  • Computer Science, Medicine
  • Hum. Factors
  • 1 December 1998
The role of display resolution in visual information processing was investigated in 2 experiments. Experiment 1 examined the effects of 2 CRT conditions (resolutions of 60 and 120 dots per inchExpand
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Investigating paper vs. screen in real-life hospital workflows: Performance contradicts perceived superiority of paper in the user experience
We compared the visual performance of computer screens vs. paper in a real-life work setting. Expand
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Information presentation in small screen devices: the trade-off between visual density and menu foresight.
  • M. Ziefle
  • Engineering, Medicine
  • Applied ergonomics
  • 1 October 2010
Small mobile devices are ubiquitous and must be designed with great care. One of the most serious challenges is how information on the small displays is presented optimally. This paper addresses theExpand
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How older adults meet complexity: Aging effects on the usability of different mobile phones
In this experiment, older and younger novice mobile phone users were examined when using handsets of different complexity. Expand
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Mental Models of a Cellular Phone Menu. Comparing Older and Younger Novice Users
The interrelationship between mental models of a cellular phone menu and performance depending on users’ age was under study. Expand
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How to Overcome Disorientation in Mobile Phone Menus: A Comparison of Two Different Types of Navigation Aids
The current study was concerned with the basic question of how to overcome users' disorientation when navigating through hierarchical menus in small-screen technical devices. Expand
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Privacy and data security in E-health: Requirements from the user’s perspective
In this study two currently relevant aspects of using medical assistive technologies in the home environment were addressed—security and privacy. Expand
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Different Perspectives on Technology Acceptance: The Role of Technology Type and Age
We investigated the role of age and gender in acceptance of eHealth technology and found a differential perspective on eHealth acceptance, especially regarding data safety in the eHealth context. Expand
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