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Automatic SQL Tuning in Oracle 10g
SQL tuning is a very critical aspect of database performance tuning. It is an inherently complex activity requiring a high level of expertise in several domains: query optimization, to improve theExpand
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Query processing and optimization in Oracle Rdb
Abstract.This paper contains an overview of the technology used in the query processing and optimization component of Oracle Rdb, a relational database management system originally developed byExpand
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Studies on the immunomodulatory effects of Ashwagandha.
The immunomodulatory activity of an Indian Ayurvedic medicinal preparation, Ashwagandna (Withania somnifera (L. Dunal)) was studied in mice with myelosuppression induced by one or more of theExpand
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Materialized Views in Oracle
Oracle Materialized Views (MVs) are designed for data warehousing and replication. For data warehousing, MVs based on inner/outer equijoins with optional aggregation, can be refreshed on transactionExpand
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Frequency and clinical course of hepatitis E in tertiary care hospitals.
OBJECTIVE To find out the frequency of hepatitis E virus as a cause of acute hepatitis and its clinical course in hospitalized patients. DESIGN Cross-sectional hospital-based study. PLACE ANDExpand
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Optimizer plan change management: improved stability and performance in Oracle 11g
Execution plans for SQL statements have a significant impact on the overall performance of database systems. New optimizer statistics, configuration parameter changes, software upgrades and hardwareExpand
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Dimensions Based Data Clustering and Zone Maps
In recent years, the data warehouse industry has witnessed decreased use of indexing but increased use of compression and clustering of data facilitating efficient data access and data pruning in theExpand
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Reply to Governor McWherter.
  • M. Ziauddin
  • Philosophy, Medicine
  • Journal of the Tennessee Medical Association
  • 1 May 1994