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The lichenicolous Phoma species (coelomycetes) on Cladonia
Abstract: The lichenicolous Phoma species on Cladonia are revised. A statistical analysis of the conidial size suggests that three species are involved: P. cladoniicola sp. nov. a common andExpand
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Lichenicolous and some interesting lichenized fungi from the Northern Ural, Komi Republic of Russia
ZHURBENKO, M. P. 2004. Lichenicolous and some interesting lichenized fungi from the Northern Ural, Komi Republic of Russia. – Herzogia 17: 77–86. Sixty-nine species of lichenicolous fungi and sevenExpand
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Checklist of Lichenicolous Fungi and Lichenicolous Lichens of Svalbard, Including New Species, New Records and Revisions
Abstract: Zhurbenko, M. P. & Brackel, W. v. 2013. Checklist of lichenicolous fungi and lichenicolous lichens of Svalbard, including new species, new records and revisions. – Herzogia 26: 323–359.Expand
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Lichenicolous Fungi from Japan and Korea: New Species, New Records and a First Synopsis for Japan
Abstract: Zhurbenko, M. P., Frisch, A., Ohmura, Y. & Thor, G. 2015. Lichenicolous fungi from Japan and Korea: new species, new records and a first synopsis for Japan. — Herzogia 28: 762–789. SixtyExpand
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Lichenicolous Fungi from Northwest Caucasus, Russia
Abstract: Zhurbenko, M. P. & Kobzeva, A. A. 2014. Lichenicolous fungi from Northwest Caucasus, Russia. — Herzogia 27: 377–396. One hundred species of lichenicolous fungi are reported from NorthwestExpand
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Lichenicolous species of Hainesia belong to Phacidiales (Leotiomycetes) and are included in an extended concept of Epithamnolia
ABSTRACT The lichenicolous taxa currently included in the genus Hainesia were studied based on the nuclear rDNA (18S, 28S, and internal transcribed spacer [ITS]) genes. The authors found thatExpand
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Lichenicolous fungi from Kodar Range, Trans-Baikal Territory of Russia
Sixty three species of lichenicolous and allied fungi are reported, 47 of which are new to Trans-Baikal Territory of Russia. A presumably undescribed Llimoniella -like discomycete on ProtoblasteniaExpand
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Lichenicolous Fungi from Central Alaska: New Records and Range Extensions
Abstract Twenty-seven species of lichenicolous fungi (five of which are lichenized) are reported from Interior Alaska. Arthophacopsis parmeliarum (Sommerf.) Arnold, Capronia peltigerae (Fuckel) D.Expand
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Corticifraga santessonii and C. chugachiana (Lecanoromycetes, Ascomycota), new species of lichenicolous fungi from the Holarctic
Abstract: Two new lichenicolous ascomycetes, Corticifraga santessonii and C. chugachiana, are described from Lobaria and Nephroma species. The new species are readily distinguished by narrowExpand
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