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Involvement of miR169 in the nitrogen-starvation responses in Arabidopsis.
Recent studies have revealed that microRNAs (miRNAs) regulate plant adaptive responses to nutrient deprivation. However, the functional significance of miRNAs in adaptive responses to nitrogen (N)Expand
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Megakaryocytes maintain homeostatic quiescence and promote post-injury regeneration of hematopoietic stem cells
Multiple bone marrow stromal cell types have been identified as hematopoietic stem cell (HSC)-regulating niche cells. However, whether HSC progeny can serve directly as HSC niche cells has notExpand
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The research presents a model that portrays customer-focused and information-focused capabilities as interrelated predictors of firm performance. Results show that customer-focused capabilities areExpand
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The multiple roles for Sox2 in stem cell maintenance and tumorigenesis.
The Sry-containing protein Sox2 initially was known to regulate the self-renewal of the mouse and human embryonic stem cells (ESCs). It is also important for the maintenance of stem cells in multipleExpand
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bHLH122 is important for drought and osmotic stress resistance in Arabidopsis and in the repression of ABA catabolism.
• Although proteins in the basic helix-loop-helix (bHLH) family are universal transcription factors in eukaryotes, the biological roles of most bHLH family members are not well understood in plants.Expand
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The effects of market network heterogeneity on innovation diffusion: An agent-based modeling approach
Innovations usually have an initial impact on very few people. The period of learning or early evaluation precedes the diffusion of the technology into the wider addressed population. More than aExpand
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Prediction of conformational B-cell epitopes from 3D structures by random forests with a distance-based feature
We propose a new method to identify the conformational epitopes from 3D structures by combining conventional features and the proposed feature, and the random forest (RF) algorithm is used as the classification engine. Expand
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A novel image retrieval method based on multi-trend structure descriptor
This paper proposes an image feature representation method, namely Multi-Trend Structure Descriptor (MTSD), which is built based on the local and multi-trend structures. Expand
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Cloning and functional analysis of the peanut iron transporter AhIRT1 during iron deficiency stress and intercropping with maize.
In previous research, iron-deficiency symptoms in peanut (Arachis hypgaea) were alleviated during anthesis by intercropping with maize. This benefit was associated with increased phytosiderophoreExpand
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Cc2d1a, a C2 domain containing protein linked to nonsyndromic mental retardation, controls functional maturation of central synapses.
Cc2d1a is an evolutionarily conserved protein composed of NH(2)-terminal Drosophila melanogaster 14 domain (DM14) domains and a COOH-terminal C2 domain. Human patients with homozygotic mutation inExpand
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