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Effects of buffer capacity on growth, photosynthesis, and solute accumulation of a glycophyte (wheat) and a halophyte (Chloris virgata)
Two species with different resistances to alkaline pH, the glycophylic Triticum aestivum (wheat) and the halophilic Chloris virgata, were chosen as test organisms. The salt-alkaline (SA) mixed stressExpand
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Density functional calculations on the structure of crystalline polyethylene under high pressures
The geometrical structures of the crystalline polyethylene under several different external pressures up to 10 GPa are optimized by a pseudopotential plane wave density functional method. Both localExpand
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Galaxy interactions in loose galaxy groups: KAT-7 and VLA HI Observations of the IC 1459 group
We report on the results from deep HI observations, performed with the Karoo Array Telescope and with the Karl G. Jansky Very Large Array of the loose galaxy group centred on the early-type galaxy ICExpand
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Study of pollen brush in selected species of Astragalus L. subgenus Pogonophace Bunge (Leguminosae)
Abstract.The styles of four species within Astragalus subgenus Pogonophace (Leguminosae) were investigated under the scanning electron microscope (SEM): A. hoantchy Franch., A. complanatus Bunge, A.Expand
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Coulomb liquids along Phase Boundaries
Three areas in which Coulomb interactions are of obvious importance are considered in turn, namely liquid alkali metals, electron–hole droplets, and lithium halides. The focus in the first two areasExpand
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Ab initio investigation of the Young's modulus of polyamide‐6
The Young's modulus of the a form of polyamide-6 has been calculated using the supermolecule model. The crystalline polymer was represented by a single-chain molecule, divided into a head, body, andExpand
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Calculation of the Total Energy Per Unit Cell and of the Band Structures of the Five Nucleotide Base Stacks Using the Local-density Approximation
All-electron first-principles total energy electronic structure calculations were carried out for single chains of four nucleotide base stacks (composed of adenine, thymine, guanine, and cytosine,Expand
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LDA calculations of the Young's moduli of polyethylene and six polyfluoroethylenes
Abstract The Young's moduli of the linear chain polymers, polyethylene and six polyfluoroethylenes, constrained to the planar conformation, are calculated by means of the local density approximationExpand
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Comparative studies of electron density profiles between a theoretical model and IRI
IRI electron density profiles with two options used for the F-layer thickness factor B0 are compared with those from a theoretical model for middle ionosphere. Compared to theory IRI profiles areExpand
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Ab initio calculation of the Young's modulus of α‐polyamides
In earlier works the supermolecule model has been applied to the calculation of the Young's modulus of crystalline polyethylene and polyamide-6. In the supermolecule model a crystalline polymer isExpand
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