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New alkylated and perfluoroalkylated phosphonic acids: Synthesis, adhesive and water-repellent properties on aluminum substrates
Abstract This paper describes the synthesis of phosphonic acids (R–S–(CH2)2–PO(OH)2) containing a perfluoroalkylated chain (R = C6F13–(CH2)2, C8F17–(CH2)2) or an alkyl group (R = C12H25, C18H37).Expand
Reactivity of commercial silicon and silicides towards copper(I) chloride. Effect of aluminium, calcium and iron on the formation of copper silicide
Abstract The reaction of CuCl with silicon, containing Al, Fe and Ca as impurities, or with silicides (Si2Ca, Si2Fe, Si2Al2Ca, Si8Al6Fe4Ca) has been investigated in the temperature range 200–300°C.Expand
Quantitative investigation of the interactions between inositol-tris(phosphates) and polyamines
Inositol-phosphates (IPs) provide particularly favourable stereochemistry for the formation of complexes with polyammonium salts which may exist in their biological environment. In the present workExpand
Photophysical study of benzimidazolone and its derivative molecules in solution
The absorption and fluorescence spectra of benzimidazolone (compound I) and three of its derivatives: CH3-benzimidazolone (compound II), Cl-benzimidazolone (compound III) andExpand
Dipotassium cobalt(II) bis­(hydrogenphosphite) dihydrate, K2Co(HPO3)2·2H2O
K2Co(HPO3)2·2H2O is a new phosphite within the K–T–H3PO3 system (T = divalent transition metal cation). Its structure can be described as a three-dimensional network made up of KO6 and HPO3Expand
Spectroscopic characterization and theoretical simulation of 1,4-diallylquinoxaline-2,3-dione self dimer.
Room temperature UV-vis absorption and emission spectra of the 1,4-diallylquinoxaline-2,3-dione (DAQX) are measured in solution at different concentrations and the theoretical simulation of the dimer predicts a non sandwich face-to-reverse slipped structure with head- to-tail orientation. Expand
Pressure- and solvent-dependent fluorescence quenching of pyrene by p-chlorobenzonitrile analysed by the simplex algorithm: A powerful computer approach to the problem
Abstract Some time ago we measured the influence of high pressure on the fluorescence quenching of pyrene by p -chlorobenzontrile in several solvents. We then analysed our results according toExpand