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Electroplated porous polypyrrole nanostructures patterned by colloidal lithography for drug-delivery applications.
The porous Ppy nanostructures with an enhanced surface area exhibited higher Rh-B loading capacity than bulk planar films of Ppy, and tunability of surface morphology for further applications (e.g., sensing, cell adhesion) was demonstrated. Expand
Polyamide intercalated nanofiltration membrane modified with biofunctionalized core shell composite for efficient removal of Arsenic and Selenium from wastewater
Abstract Novel nanofiltration polyamide core shell bio functionalized matrix membrane was developed by dissolution casting methodology for the decontamination of Arsenic (As) and Selenium (Se) ions.Expand
Novel derivatives of 3D woven T-shaped composites with improved performance
Abstract Conventional 3D woven T-shaped preforms were modified for improving joint/ peel off strength of associated T-shaped polymeric composites. Preforms were modified at weaving level by preferredExpand
Core-Shell Type Ionic Liquid/Metal Organic Framework Composite: An Exceptionally High CO2/CH4 Selectivity.
Characterization showed that IL molecules deposited on the external surface of the MOF, forming a core-shell type ionic liquid/metal organic framework (IL/MOF) type material, in which IL acts as a smart gate for the guest molecules. Expand
Hybrid helical magnetic microrobots obtained by 3D template-assisted electrodeposition.
A controlled actuation of the microrobots by a rotating magnetic field is demonstrated in a fluidic environment. Expand
Experimental and numerical characterization of mechanical properties of carbon/jute fabric reinforced epoxy hybrid composites
Natural fiber composites have great potential for reducing the product cost, lowering weight and enhancing renewability. Functionality and performance of natural fibers can be enhanced many foldsExpand
Enhancing CO2/CH4 and CO2/N2 separation performances of ZIF-8 by post-synthesis modification with [BMIM][SCN]
Abstract Ionic liquid (IL)-incorporated metal organic frameworks (MOFs) are promising materials for gas adsorption and separation processes. In this work, 1-n-butyl-3-methylimidazolium thiocyanateExpand
Fabrication induced spring-back in thermosetting woven composite parts with variable thickness
Rising demand of composite materials for high performance application require a process to manufacture composite parts with accuracy and precision. Residual stress and consequent deformation is oneExpand
Graphite Coating of Iron Nanowires for Nanorobotic Applications: Synthesis, Characterization and Magnetic Wireless Manipulation
Wireless-manipulated graphite coated nanomagnets are promising candidates for minimally invasive targeted drug delivery platforms. Iron nanowires coated with graphitic shells are synthesized byExpand
Electrochemically synthesized amorphous and crystalline nanowires: dissimilar nanomechanical behavior in comparison with homologous flat films.
N nanoindentation together with finite element simulations are used to compare the properties of crystalline and glassy CoNi(Re)P electrodeposited nanowires with films of analogous composition and structure, revealing that amorphous nanowire exhibit a larger hardness, lower Young's modulus and higher plasticity index than glassy films. Expand