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Improving replication results through directory server data replication
  • Raksha Patil, M. Zawar
  • Computer Science
    International Conference on Trends in Electronics…
  • 1 May 2017
This paper proposes three schemes to replicate directory server data and results reduce response time for user and prove the propose scheme is provably highly efficient and reliable.
Study on Secure Multipath Routing in
Cluster-based WSNs, the clusters are formed dynamically and periodically to secure data, there are several cluster routing protocols to provide better performance to WSN.
A Survey on High Utility Itemset Mining from Transactional
This paper presents a literature survey of various algorithms for high utility itemset mining, which aims to identify itemsets that have utility values above a given utility threshold.
Privacy Policy Inference of User-Uploaded Images on Content Sharing Sites
The goal of this survey is to provide a comprehensive review of various privacy policy approaches to improve the security of information shared in the social media sites.
Highly Secure Authentication Scheme: A Review
High security level is provided by combining and integrating the biometric authentication by using finger nail plate surface and graphical password by using the persuasive cued click points to reach the highly security level as each of the both methods can provide the high secure authentication.
A Survey on an Optimizing Cost and Performance for Multihoming
This paper designs a series of novel smart routing algorithms to optimize cost and performance for multihomed users and suggests that these algorithms are very effective in minimizing cost and at the same time improving performance.
Result Based on Graphical Password and Biometric Authentication for High Security
This security implements the graphical passwords scheme to improve the difficulty level of guessing it with biometric authentication which is efficient and convenient method by acquiring low resolution images of nail plate surface which is the outermost part of nail unit.