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Biological activities of ethyl acetate extract of different parts of Hyssopus angustifolius
Context: Hyssopus angustifolius M. Bieb. (Lamiaceae) is one of the most important medicinal plants in Iranian traditional medicine for the treatment of lung inflammation, laryngitis and cough relief.Expand
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Antioxidant, antihemolytic, and inhibitory activities of endemic Primula heterochroma against Fe2+-induced lipid peroxidation and oxidative stress in rat brain in vitro
Context: The genus Primula (Primulaceae) has been used in traditional medicine to treat convulsion and microbial or viral infections. Objective: In the present study, we evaluate antioxidant,Expand
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Antioxidant and Antihemolytic Activities of Ethanolic Extract of Flowers, Leaves, and Stems of Hyssopus officinalis L. Var. angustifolius
In this study, antioxidant and antihemolytic activities of ethanolic extract of flowers, leaves, and stems of Hyssopus officinalis L. Var. angustifolius were investigated employing different in vitroExpand
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Biochemical activities of acetone extracts of Hyssopus angustifolius.
Antioxidant and antihemolytic activities of acetone extracts of Hyssopus angustifolius flowers, leaf and stems were investigated employing different in vitro and ex vivo assay systems. IC50, forExpand
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Dextran-immobilized curcumin: An efficient agent against food pathogens and cancer cells
Curcumin–dextran conjugate was synthesized by free radical grafting reaction between curcumin and dextran. The chemical characterization of the conjugate was obtained by Fourier-transform infraredExpand
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Neuroprotective effect of hesperetin and nano-hesperetin on recognition memory impairment and the elevated oxygen stress in rat model of Alzheimer's disease.
Alzheimer disease (AD) is a progressive dementia affecting a large proportion of the aging population. There is evidence that brain tissue in patients with AD is exposed to oxidative stress duringExpand
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Antioxidant and antihemolytic activities of methanol extract of Hyssopus angustifolius
This study was designed to evaluate antioxidant and antihemolytic activities of Hyssopus angustifolius flower, stem and leaf methanol extracts by employing various in vitro assays. The leaf extractExpand
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Effect of additives on release profile of leuprolide acetate in an in situ forming controlled‐release system: In vitro study
In situ forming drug delivery system is prepared by phase inversion technique using poly (D,L-lactic-co-glycolide) and leuprolide acetate dissolved in N-methyl-2-pyrrolidone. The effects of ethylExpand
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Hesperetin and it nanocrystals ameliorate social behavior deficits and oxido-inflammatory stress in rat model of autism
Prenatal exposure to valproic acid (VPA) induces behavioral disorders and enhancement of oxido‐inflammatory stress in Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASDs). The aim of this study was to investigate theExpand
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Improving the cancer prevention/treatment role of carotenoids through various nano-delivery systems
Abstract One of the emerging and recent strategies to combat cancer is application of natural bioactive compounds and phytochemicals. Carotenoids including lycopene, β-carotene, astaxanthin, crocin,Expand
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