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Stochastic simulation of quantum systems and critical dynamics
On propose la transformation de l'equation de Langevin en un probleme aux valeurs propres comme dans le cadre de la simulation stochastique des systemes quantiques
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Off-equilibrium generalization of the fluctuation dissipation theorem for Ising spins and measurement of the linear response function.
We derive for Ising spins an off-equilibrium generalization of the fluctuation dissipation theorem, which is formally identical to the one previously obtained for soft spins with Langevin dynamicsExpand
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Condensation vs phase ordering in the dynamics of first-order transitions
The origin of the non commutativity of the limits $t \to \infty$ and $N \to \infty$ in the dynamics of first order transitions is investigated. In the large-N model, i.e. $N \to \infty$ taken first,Expand
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Fluctuation dissipation relations far from equilibrium
In this paper we review some recent progress in the field of non-equilibrium linear response theory. We show how a generalization of the fluctuation dissipation theorem can be derived for MarkovExpand
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Scaling of the linear response function from zero-field-cooled and thermoremanent magnetization in phase-ordering kinetics.
In this paper we investigate the relation between the scaling properties of the linear response function R(t,s), of the thermoremanent magnetization (TRM) and of the zero-field-cooled (ZFC)Expand
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Influence of thermal fluctuations on the geometry of interfaces of the quenched Ising model.
We study the role of the quench temperature Tf in the phase-ordering kinetics of the Ising model with single spin flip in d=2,3 . Equilibrium interfaces are flat at Tf=0 , whereas at Tf>0 they areExpand
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The non-equilibrium response of the critical Ising model: Universal scaling properties and Local Scale Invariance
Motivated by recent numerical findings of Henkel et al (2006 J. Phys. A: Math. Gen. 39 L589) we re-examine via Monte Carlo simulations the linear response function of the two-dimensional Ising modelExpand
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Field theory description of continuous phase transitions
We present a formalism of a scalar, classical, and time-independent field theory of the type proposed by Ferrell for the treatment of continuous phase transitions. The formalism is developed alongExpand
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