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Reproductive biology of Echinopsis terscheckii (Cactaceae): the role of nocturnal and diurnal pollinators.
It is demonstrated for the first time that moths are the primary pollinators of columnar cacti of the genus Echinopsis, a species endemic to northwest Argentina that has nocturnal flowers. Expand
Structure and Composition of a Thrips Community in the Chihuahua Desert, New Mexico, U.S.
The results suggest that the studied thrips community has low plant specificity and the pattern of plant use observed could be the consequence of generalist feeding diets. Expand
First record of Gynaikothrips ficorum (Marchal) on Ficus microcarpa L. from the province of Santa Fe and Gynaikothrips uzeli (Zimmermann (Thysanoptera, Phlaeothripidae) on Ficus benjamina L.
The distribution of Gynaikothrips ficorum and G. uzeli in Argentina is extended, both galls-inducing species have been introduced in this country. Expand
[Thysanoptera (Insecta)-Vicia faba (Fabaceae) association in Prepuna and Puna in Jujuy, Argentina].
The study conducted during the flowering-fruiting bean crop stages in two phytogeographical regions of Jujuy found the fluctuations in populations showed the same pattern: as flowering progressed, the number of thrips coincided with the availability of food resources. Expand
Diversity and functional groups of arthropods in greenhouse crop of Chrysanthemum morifolium Ramat. (Asterales: Asteraceae) from Jujuy, Argentina
The diversity of arthropods present in the crops of yellow and white Chrysanthemum morifolium Ramat. in greenhouse is analyzed, based on the species richness, abundance and trophic roles. The studyExpand
First record of damage Leucothrips piercei (Thysanoptera: Thripidae) in pepper crops (Capsicum annuum L.) (Solanaceae) in Argentina.
Capsicum annuum L. is registered as a new host plant and the diagnostic characters are described and the characteristics of the damage to the leaves of pepper are provided. Expand
First record of Merothripidae Hood (Insecta: Thysanoptera) from Argentina
The diversity of the order Thysanoptera in Argentina is increased to six families and the female specimen was collected from a fallen branch of Pinus patula in Jujuy province. Expand
Mayflies in urban environments in the Province of Jujuy (Argentine Republic)
This work is part of a larger study which aims to know the synanthropic entomofauna of San Salvador de Jujuy, Argentina. Despite the numerous works on Ephemeroptera around the world there is noExpand