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The Height of (Architectural) Seduction: Reading the “Changes” through Stalin's Palace in Warsaw, Poland
Abstract Joseph Stalin's Palace of Culture and Science in Warsaw, Poland, is a representative architectural structure, whose diverse and divergent readings and interpretations elicit larger historicExpand
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Global Feminisms and the Polish "Woman": Reading Popular Culture Representations Through Stories of Activism Since 1989
This article examines ten interviews with Polish feminist activists conducted by the Women’s Center “eFka” in Krakow and gathered by the Global Feminisms Project at the Institute for Research onExpand
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Biological activity of soil contaminated with cobalt, tin, and molybdenum
In this age of intensive industrialization and urbanization, mankind’s highest concern should be to analyze the effect of all metals accumulating in the environment, both those considered toxic andExpand
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Remediation of soil contaminated with cadmium.
The search for the best solutions to restore soil balance is essential for attaining a stable and sustainable agricultural development worldwide. This research, which makes a contribution to theseExpand
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Biochemical and microbiological activity of soil contaminated with o-cresol and biostimulated with Perna canaliculus mussel meal
The choice of the study subject was a consequence of the growing interest in volatile organic compounds which are strongly dispersed in the environment. The knowledge of o-cresol’s capability forExpand
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Brown Algae and Basalt Meal in Maintaining the Activity of Arylsulfatase of Soil Polluted with Cadmium
This study analysed the effectiveness of innovative (basalt meal, brown algae extract) and conventional (barley straw) substances which hypothetically alleviate the inhibiting effect of Cd2+ onExpand
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Biochemical activity of soil contaminated with BPS, bioaugmented with a mould fungi consortium and a bacteria consortium
This study analysed the scale of bisphenol S (BPS) toxicity to the soil biochemical activity and is part of a wider effort to find solutions to restore the global soil environment balance, includingExpand
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Soil Microbiome Response to Contamination with Bisphenol A, Bisphenol F and Bisphenol S
The choice of the study objective was affected by numerous controversies and concerns around bisphenol F (BPF) and bisphenol S (BPS)—analogues of bisphenol A (BPA). The study focused on theExpand
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