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Analyzing International Environmental Regimes: From Case Study to Database
Regime theory has become an increasingly influential approach to the analysis of international relations, particularly in the areas of international political economy and international environmentalExpand
International authority and its politicization
The article focuses on the politicization of international authority as a thus far little understood development in world politics. We first define the concept and show that there is an empiricalExpand
Can the Politicization of European Integration Be Reversed?*
Following the failure of the Constitutional Treaty, executives of European Union (EU) Member States and the European Commission tried to take European integration as a political issue as much off theExpand
Democratic Governance Beyond the Nation-State:
International institutions not only increase system effectiveness or output legitimacy, but are also a normatively plausible response to the problems for democracy that are caused by globalization.Expand
Global Governance and Legitimacy Problems
  • M. Zürn
  • Sociology
  • Government and Opposition
  • 1 April 2004
Abstract Whereas traditional institutions used to be seen as an international complement to a dominantly national paradigm, today's international institutions are an expression of politicalExpand
The Study of International Regimes
The article surveys the literature on international `regimes'. Regimes are social institutions that influence the behavior of states and their subjects. They consist of informal and formalizedExpand
The politicization of world politics and its effects: Eight propositions
  • M. Zürn
  • Sociology
  • European Political Science Review
  • 11 December 2012
World politics is no longer a matter of executive multilateralism and technocratic expert decisions. What we see instead is the politicization of international institutions – a twofold process ofExpand
Opening up Europe: next steps in politicisation research
Abstract In this commentary, an outside perspective, mainly informed by International Relations (IR) and Political Theory (PT), is taken. From there, three issues are identified that point to theExpand
A Theory of Global Governance
Getting Socialized to Build Bridges: Constructivism and Rationalism, Europe and the Nation-State
Building on the empirical findings of the preceding articles, we advance three arguments. First, while socialization research has typically been construed as constructivism's home turf, this volume'sExpand