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Foetal glutamate as a possible precursor of placental glutamine in the guinea pig.
The role of foetal glutamate as a source of placental glutamine was investigated in the near-term pregnant guinea-pig placenta perfused in situ through the umbilical vessels. With normal foetal aminoExpand
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Placental Transport of Free Amino Acids
Measurement of the rate of accumulation of nitrogen in the foetus during gestation is difficult and has not been made in many species. The difficulties have been clearly described by Dr. ElsieExpand
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Antistine, neoantergan, neohetramine, trimeton, antihistaminic RF-3277; an appraisal of their clinical value.
Abstract 1.1. An appraisal was made of the clinical value of Antistine, Neoantergan, Neohetramine, Trimeton, and Antihistaminique RP-3277. 2.2. The action of these drugs resembles closely that ofExpand
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Fetal respiratory movements in response to rapid changes of CO2 in carotid artery
Recent studies have suggested that chemoreceptors may respond to the rate of change of carbon dioxide as well as its level in arterial blood. The blood which perfuses the carotid body of the fetusExpand
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The relationship between placental protein synthesis and transfer of amino acids.
The relationship between placental protein synthesis and transfer of amino acids from mother to foetus was studied in the guinea pig, by using [U-14C]-lysine, -leucine, -glycine, -aspartate andExpand
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Regulation of Partition of Protein During Pregnancy
Publisher Summary Hormonal regulation in reproduction was traditionally concerned with the hypothalamic control of the gonads and their steroid production, which ensure the vital processes ofExpand
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Scale effects in the bending vibrations of helicopter rotor blades
Abstract Scale effects and dynamic similarity in the bending vibrations of helicopter rotor blades are examined by expressing the first three modes of bending vibration of a uniform, conventionalExpand
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Stability of large horizontal-axis axisymmetric wind turbines. Ph.D. Thesis - Delaware Univ.
This paper examines the stability of large horizontal axis, axi-symmetric, power producing wind turbines. The analytical model used includes the dynamic coupling of the rotor, tower and powerExpand