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Walking speed estimation using a shank-mounted inertial measurement unit.
We studied the feasibility of estimating walking speed using a shank-mounted inertial measurement unit. Our approach took advantage of the inverted pendulum-like behavior of the stance leg duringExpand
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Postural tremor and control of the upper limb in air pistol shooters
Abstract A postural tremor appears whenever someone attempts to maintain a steady position against gravity. We examined the postural tremor that occurred while air pistol shooters were taking aim soExpand
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Multiple-frequency continuous wave ultrasonic system for accurate distance measurement
A highly accurate multiple-frequency continuous wave ultrasonic range-measuring system for use in air is described. The proposed system uses a method heretofore applied to radio frequency distanceExpand
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Pyroelectric infrared sensor-based thermometer for monitoring indoor objects
This article describes a system for measuring temperature by monitoring an object’s radiation in the infrared spectrum. Expand
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Performance analysis and optimization considerations for a Knudsen compressor in transitional flow
The Knudsen compressor can be applied as either a vacuum pump or compressor for gases. Earlier investigations have indicated that there are several interesting potential applications of the KnudsenExpand
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A high precision ultrasonic system for vibration measurements
A microcomputer‐aided ultrasonic system that can be used to measure the vibratory displacements of an object is presented. A pair of low cost 40‐kHz ultrasonic transducers is used to transmitExpand
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A novel application of the S-transform in removing powerline interference from biomedical signals.
In the present study, we applied the S-transform, which provides an absolute phase of each frequency in a multi-resolution time-frequency analysis, to reduce 60 Hz interference. Expand
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The Implementation of a Stand-alone Video Tracking and Analysis System for Animal Behavior Measurement in Morris Water Maze
In this paper, a digital image tracking and analysis system based on FPGA is presented. Expand
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An inclined plane system with microcontroller to determine limb motor function of laboratory animals
This study describes a high-accuracy inclined plane test system for quantitative measurement of the limb motor function of laboratory rats. Expand
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Improved emotional stability in experienced meditators with concentrative meditation based on electroencephalography and heart rate variability.
OBJECTIVE To determine whether emotional stability distinguishes how experienced and novice meditators react to visual stimuli. DESIGN PARTICIPANTS practiced concentrative meditation and thenExpand
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