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Taxonomy of four marine bacterial strains that produce tetrodotoxin.
Four strains of tetrodotoxin-producing bacteria isolated from a red alga and from pufferfish were characterized. Two of these strains are members of the genus Listonella MacDonell and Colwell. The
Distribution of tetrodotoxin, 6-epitetrodotoxin, and 11-deoxytetrodotoxin in newts.
Interspecies Distribution and Possible Origin of Tetrodotoxin
Tetrodotoxin (TTX) is one of the best-known marine toxins because of its frequent involvement in fatal food poisoning, its unique chemical structure, and its specific action of blocking sodium
Bacterial Production of Tetrodotoxin and Anhydrotetrodotoxin
Recherche de l'origine veritable de la toxine marine tetrodotoxine produite par une bacterie Pseudomonas sp. provenant de l'algue Jania sp.
An Improved Tetrodotoxin Analyzer
In this communication, we report an improved TTX analyzer for the sensitive determination of all TTX analogs
Interspecies distribution and biogenetic origin of tetrodotoxin and its derivatives
Addition of tsifluoroacetic acid-d to the NMR solvent resolved NMR signals and thus allowed us to assign for the first time all proton and carbon N MR signals of tetrodotoxin and its analogues.